Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai

How Italian furniture design is considered in the market?

Alfio Di Bella – Finenco Architects:

In my opinion the Italian brands have a great position in China market because they represent the Made in Italy. Made in Italy means quality and luxury. But we have to work more, the Italian brands must invest in this market directly. They must introduce not only the classic style but also our modern design. The new generations want different style, modern and with high design. We have to invest more in this direction.

Giancarlo Tintori - ID&AA Italian Design&Architecture Agency:

I see today a great success and an extraordinary future for Italian furnishing products.They support with great professionalism and quality, every stylistic segment of the market. All Italian brands, from large international companies to the smallest artisan have many things to say to China, and China expects from all of us wonderful suggestions, and all the Italian design system is ready to do it.

Tiziano Vudafieri – Vudafieri Saverino Partners:

I don’t have data, but I think there is a gap to be filled and a lot of potential. What I’m saying is probably banal, but I think we have to learn from fashion how to make an object desirable. Obviously I know it is a completely different industry. You buy a luxury bag for 5000€ and you have it immediately and you go around and show off here and there, while you buy an armchair for the same price and you have it in two months and you don’t show it because it’s hidden in your house (Chinese people don’t receive too much friends at home). But I think still there is still a lot to be done and architects and local partners in China, can do a lot to create a sort of community of design lovers.

Filippo Gabbiani and Andrea Destefanis – Kokai Studios:

F: The top Italian brands and top Italian firms instead of they look to Chinese market with great effort and they have started to invest and look at this market with full attention. In fact that Salone del Mobile from the 1st time after many years is trying to make its 1st event and is able to display its 1st exhibition here in Shanghai is the prove that Italian design is taking the boat of international design culture in China.

A: And we will be very happy if we find a way in the years to create also the same mood and kind of the surrounding to the event that we have in Milan and we can find a way to make the Salone del Mobile to become the real design week in Shanghai.

Massimo Roi – Progetto CMR:

Italian furniture is still for a high-end market in China, however there is more and more awareness of the quality of these products. My experience suggests that Chinese market could be a good opportunity of investment, but it should be faced with due attention. You have to be well prepared for it and clearly understand your target from the beginning. Having said that, China is surely a market that can't be ignored, and this first edition of the Salone strongly proves this fact!

Nunzia Carbone - Dedodesign:

In China I’m promoting design values and quality of production of Italian furniture’s brands. Italy is synonymous with quality, style, and elegance, so I think that in China the position of Italian furniture brands is good and it can only get better.

Alessandro Copetti – Copetti Design:

I think the position of the Italian brands in China is not yetvery well developed, for sure as you know Italy is very famous for its fashion and design scenario, but the branding is still not well developed. Make branding in China means understanding China. We need to work on it, it is a good start to move on. Branding is an heritage and it is a principal aspect for the develop of design and architecture here in China.

Avril Accola – IDI Italian Designed Innovation:

It is well known that Italy is a very strong partner in exporting furniture to China, with both good share and growth. About the nature of the brands' positioning, I wouldn't strictly talk about a Chinese market as a whole: China is a huge country and a quite diverse one, with many different levels, development moments and connotations, which are expressed both on a business and a cultural-habits grounds.
So, for example, in May in Chengdu they will open two big towers with 3,000 apartments (the Armani towers) and most of the furniture inside is from the Armani brand. They are also talking about new implementation like these two towers with Versace and, possibly in the future, with Fendi. Also other famous Italian design brands are really well known and not only in Beijing and Shanghai, but really throughout the Country. Surely there is a rewarding place for Italian innovation and Italian innovative design, when branded correctly and strongly: a rewarding part of the Chinese market that is really ready for it and it is waiting for Italian innovative design to come.

As my dear friend, Luigi Bandini Buti, says: “diversity is a resource” and, as we use to convey also in the Archidiversity project, to design environments, situations or systems, to design things, you need to start from the people, not from the things.