Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai

Where do you get the inspiration, which is the philosophy behind your creativity?

Alfio Di Bella – Finenco Architects:

When I start a new project first of all I want to know my client, I like to speak with him to understand his requirements and design the house he likes. For me this is the most important time. We are architects and we have to work for the clients. Our target is design the beautiful projects and realize the clients' dreams. This is what they ask us and they want our professional skill to create something unique and personal.

Giancarlo Tintori – ID&AA Italian Design & Architecture Agency:

I do not seek inspiration and sincerely looking around I would not know where to take it. I feel myself like an antenna, I intercept energies not yet perceived. I live my visions, constantly. I do not need to dream at night, I see enough things during the day. I feel the great responsibility with my job, with a good design I can show how to change the world, I am the one that collect the light of heaven and respect Mother Earth.

Tiziano Vudafieri – Vudafieri Saverino Partners:

I have two souls as an ispiration, like Italian design. In the 80’s I have the fantastic opportunity to work for four years in Ettore Sottsass studio and I consider Ettore the most important master of the second half of the twentieth century but I’m fascinated as well by designers like Caccia Dominioni, Gardella, Albini, Achille Castiglioni. This kind of bipolarism gave me an enormous freedom I think and an open-minded attitude which is one of our trade mark in the work we do. I’m inspired, as well and a lot, by contemporary art which I’m passionate about since more than thirty years now.

Andrea Destefanis– Kokaistudios:

I think it's most of the time is a mix of our background, being Italian and coming from Italian culture and living here since now 14 years and so it is actually the environment, the Chinese environment, the Chinese culture that is strong and it's really the balance between this 2 elements that actually become main inspiration most of the time.

Massimo Roi – Progetto CMR:

Our role, as architects, is to activate global awareness on sustainable culture, to be declined for each and every place, their characteristics, peculiarities and differences. When we are called to design a new project, the ideas come from listening to the client, from watching the surrounding context, from imagining the expectation of the final users. When we design a project abroad, this combination of factors is even more important. The richness of the different local culture and of the community opens your mind! Progetto CMR’s guiding principle has been to place Man, the final user, at the center of its architectural process, developing design solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and sustainable.

Inside the word sustainability lies the powerful potential for innovation. New technologies, new knowledges and new awareness on the green culture will transform our planet, our present and our ordinary lives.

Nunzia Carbone - Dedodesign:

My design is definitely inspired by the context and driven by the people. This is the reason why all my projects are all different from each other. In this project, each space is in dialogue with the other. The interior spaces are in dialogue with the outdoor. The garden is connected with the pavilion.

Alessandro Copetti – Copetti Design:

Talking about inspiration, for me, is not necessary something that happen during the design approach, could be, but most of the time it's as a track who was recorded many years before, it is a kind of way to develop my ideas. My philosophy is to do things with simplicity and combine materials, I am very materic and materials ,especially green ones, with their own dignity are the basic issue to develop a project.

Avril Accola – IDI Italian Designed Innovation:

I get inspiration from research. Deep and structured research, settled in a specific time span directly agreed with the client, different from project to project. Research is my true passion.
We focus on innovation: new behaviors, new products, new mechanisms, new strategies, new services, new systems... anything with a passion for discovery of new successes. First we understand with the client the markets the company wants to tackle and how (where to consolidate, where to improve, where to enter freshly), the nature of its distribution channels, and so on. Then we plan with the client the specific levels of innovation regarding the market acceptance (maybe the market will not accept a certain type of innovation, maybe it is not ready for it or it is not the right thing in the right place), the production necessities and flexibility (which kind of innovation is coventience and adeguate for the type of production that the client has or wants to implement) and the brand positioning of the client (the present and the future positionings to be). Within this focus of research, we strive for a holistic approach to design driven social innovation, Design for All: we help creating social innovation through successful business actions. Enhancing the sustainable development creating value for the client and integration and satisfaction for people, is our win philosophy. To achieve this we need to understand, to connect to and to value, to be in love with the richness of human diversity. We do that through research, understanding for each different project, how to interpret at best the richness of the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, habits: the real entire human experience, which is so relevant for the success of each and every project that we want strategically to implement in a wonderful tactic. And then we consider this entire human experience throughout the whole value chain (such as purchasers, producers, final users, stakeholders, etc.). The experiencer is the real individual person who lives our designs; human diversity is our focus. Our projects are strategic implementations for a sustainable success and growth.