Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai

Which is the most important contribution of Italian architecture and design to China?

Alfio Di Bella – Finenco Architects:

Italy introduces to China our art, our classic style, our design, our sense of the quality and of the details. When the Chineses come to Italy, they visit our historical cities, our museums and our incredible villas and monuments. For them our classic style mean luxury and elegance. I think, this is our contribution to China. but now it's the time to introduce also our modern style, our incredible industrial design.

Giancarlo Tintori – ID&AA Italian Design&Architecture Agency:

China and Italy has ancient roots.we have a father like Leonardo da Vinci and we are his sons.China and Italy, together, can write the future of architecture and design globally, to create and share new languages, make this planet our joyful home.

Tiziano Vudafieri – Vudafieri Saverino Partners:

Italy, with Milano as a hub, is the cradle of modern design.An italian design has two major roots. One is sleek, elegant, timeless, understated while the other one is more playful, radical and disruptive. I think that these two souls they “speak” and they correspond very much to modern China.

Filippo Gabbiani– Kokaistudios:

So excellent Italian designers, architects in the past, they look more and they focus more on other international markets rather than in China and instead many young talented designers and creative people they come to China in the early stages and they were able to established here  but bring some results of really international cases and some of them they are even basing here their firms and exporting design aboard.

Massimo Roi – Progetto CMR:

When I arrived in China, I related myself to this new world through a neo-humanistic approach, based on design from the inside towards the outside, and always maintaining a very deep respect of tradition and local culture. I believe China is a country where being Italian is a plus. In my experience, I always try to promote the “Italian way of life” in China: quality, attention to detail, design on human scale, tailored to the need of the users. In one word: sustainability! Designing for the well-being of the man, at every scale: from the object to an entire city: this is, as Italians, our contribution to this country!

Nunzia Carbone - Dedodesign:

This project is very representative of my design approach and of my design contribution to China. Here I combined Italian creativity with traditional Chinese aesthetics.

Alessandro Copetti – Copetti Design:

I think we can give a great contribution, it happened in the past and expecially now it is a psicologic issue, China is not simple and I believe if we will go deeply to try to understand China, which have a very different way of thinking , we can definitlysuport their development in design and architecture

Avril Accola – IDI Italian Designed Innovation:

The italian experience is asked and searched for here in China. This is because our history of interpretation through design of the habits, both the individual and the social community ones, and our interpretation of life style, of excellence in quality and details it is relevant for the new trend in China, that is not “made in China” but “designed in China”.

Urban planning concepts that seem very common to us (for example, just right now, concepts like our "piazza") can be very interesting for a growing and developing China: they express a culture which, in a way of looking at interactions and systems, can really help growing a better future for this Country. I feel the influence is mutual for our two countries and this is the richness of it.
That is why I’m here: because I reckon this interaction will lead innovation and enhance the value of the designed results. A joint Italian effort like Archidiversity, where Design for All, holistic approach and the complete excellence in design and architecture meet, represents an example of a good platform for such a dialogue.