Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai

19 November - 21 November 2016

Italian Football Historical Milestones At The Show

The authentic World Cups won by the Italian National football team flew from Italy for an exclusive exhibit within Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai show!

An exceptional opportunity to witness the charm of these unique four trophies, limited to Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai guests!


The first edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai displayed 1934 Coppa Rimet, 1938 Coppa Rimet, 1982 Coppa del Mondo, 2006 Coppa del Mondo and 1968 Euro Cup.



French sculptor Abel La Fleur, who once studied in the school of Cartier, designed Coppa Rimet for the winning team of the World Cup. Coppa Rimet, originally called Victory cup, was in the shape  of winged Victory. It was awarded for the first time in Montevideo (capital of Uraguay) in 1930. In 1946, it’s renamed as Coppa Rimet in honor of the FIFA president Jules Rimet, marking the worldwide victories until the edition of 1970.

Italy won the first World Cup in 1934 in front of its people. After a triumphal ride, the Italian national team Azzurri defeated Czechoslovakia 2-1 in the final, thanks to the goals of Orsi and Schiavio, writing the name of Italy in the history of World Cup for the first time.



After the success of 1934, Italy won the 1936 Berlin Olympic soccer event. Following the success, Italy won the championship of 1938 World Cup in France.

The Azzurri led by Vittorio Pozzo didn't disappoint the expectations and won the world championship again they defeating Norway, the host France, Brazil, until they won 4-2 against Hungary in the final (Colaussi and Piola both scored two goals).



In 1970, Coppa Rimet was delivered to Brazil and was kept by it permanently in recognition of its third success in the World Cup. So in April of the following year, FIFA decided to hold a new competition and design a new trophy. The winning proposal was that of the Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga: "I was inspired by two basic images, one is the athlete who rejoices and the other is the image of the world." The new trophy debuted in 1974 World Cup in Germany, which was held by hands of two stylized football players. The trophy is in 18 carat solid gold, weighs 6,175 grams and is 36.8 cm high, with a base diameter of 13 cm.

Italy won the new trophy for the first time in Spain’s World Cup in 1982. After an exciting start, the team led by Enzo Bearzot suddenly defeated Argentina,  Poland and Brazil, before triumphing in the final of Madrid 3-1 against West Germany, thanks to the goals of Rossi, Tardelli and Altobelli. The Spanish success took the third star to Italy in its history of World Cup.



On the occasion of the World Cup held in Germany in 2006, for the first time FIFA decided to make an original copy of the trophy to be delivered to the winning team, withdrawing the official version immediately after the prize-giving ceremony.

During the tournament, Marcello Lippi's Azzurri national team showed great strength, remaining unbeaten, after beating the host Germany in the semifinal, they won 1-1 of regular time and extra time and finally defeated France by 5-3 on penalties.

The victory in the final in Berlin is the fourth world title won by Azzurri, and it shows Italy’s small number of national teams capable of addressing such a sporting challenge.


1968 EURO CUP:

The trophy of Euro Cup is named after Henri Delaunay, the first General Secretary of UEFA, who is also one of the leading proponents who put forward to hold competitions among European countries. In 1968, Italy won its first and so far the only championship of Euro Cup. In the semi-final against the USSR in Naples, Italy was decisive luck: after the 0-0 game, Italy was confirmed to get the access to the final in the way of tossing a coin. At the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the opponent of Italy was Yugoslavia: because Domenghini scored a goal in the match, the final score was 1-1, so the two sides needed to play an additional match; two days later, thanks to the goals from Riva and Anastasi, the national team of Italy (Azzurri) won the trophy.

The trophy is made of pure silver, with the height of 42.5 cm and the weight of 10 kg. After 2008, UEFA recreates a new trophy: it is 18 cmtaller and 2 kg heavier than the original.