Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai

Legal Disclaimer


The trademarks "Salone del Mobile.Milano®”, “I Saloni®”, “Euroluce®”, “EuroCucina®”, “SaloneUfficio®”, “Salone Internazionale del Bagno®”, “SaloneSatellite®”,“I Saloni WordWide®”, “Cosmit®” are registered trademarks (henceforward also the “Trademarks”) owned exclusively by Federlegno Arredo Eventi S.p.A. and protected in Italy, the European Community and worldwide.

It is prohibited to reproduce the Trademarks "Salone del Mobile.Milano®”, “I Saloni®”, “Euroluce®”, “EuroCucina®”,“SaloneUfficio®”,“Salone Internazionale del Bagno®”,“SaloneSatellite®”, “I Saloni WordWide®”,“Cosmit®” in any form, wholly or partially, on any format, in their literal and/or figurative components, or any other logos directly and/or indirectly related to these, without the prior written consent of Federlegno Arredo Eventi S.p.A.

The Trademarks may be used by the exhibitors to promote their attendance at the exhibitions organized by Federlegno Arredo Eventi S.p.A. and by the press, only in combination with articles specifically dedicated to these events, while keeping the proportions and colour combinations unchanged.

Parties other than exhibitors and press interested in using the Trademarks, for the sole and exclusive objective of indicating the purpose of the products or services, must send a specific and detailed written request to the e-mail address, being sure to specify:

A.    the start date of use of the Trademarks;
B.    the type of business for which use of the Trademarks is being requested;
C.    the duration and territory of use of the Trademarks;
D.    the detailed listing of the materials on which the Trademarks will be affixed and a description of the supports;
E.     the layout and/or the drafts of the materials and/or the contents in relation to which the Trademarks will be used.

All the materials listed above must be sent at least 60 (sixty) days before the date indicated under letter A.

Federlegno Arredo Eventi S.p.A. reserves the right, at its full discretion and according to applicable law, to either grant or deny permission to use the Trademarks and/or of any other logos directly or indirectly related to them. In any event, Federlegno Arredo Eventi S.p.A. has the right to deny consent – and even dispute – use of their Trademarks and/or logos in the absence of full and timely compliance with even a single one of the conditions indicated above.

Unauthorized use of the Trademarks and/or any other logos directly or indirectly related to them will be immediately pursued by Federlegno Arredo Eventi S.p.A. in all appropriate venues.