Design Talks

Design Talks
The Design Talks, organized by the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai partners, provide an opportunity for discussion and reflection on key topics in architecture and design.

Design Forum by DESIGNWIRE
"International Design Forum"

Designwire focus on high-end interior design, real-estate and luxury hotels. They want to seize the future lifestyle and redefine the definition of luxury. By inviting Chinese well-known designer Li Weimin, Ju Bin and Mauro Lipparini on the stage, they aim to share ideas and discuss about the trends of Global Housing Design.

Thursday, November 22nd
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Design Talk by Suning International
"Leading The “Globally Curated” Lifestyle of Chinese Consumers"

China’s leading retail commercial enterprise, Suning, is committed to bring the quality lifestyle and design brands from worldwide to create a better living experience with internationalized inspiring touch for the emerging generation of Chinese consumers. Together with designers, creatives and media experts, Suning International explores various future possibilities of how to present overseas brands to Chinese market in a curated way with design experience.

Thursday, November 22nd
3:00pm – 4:00pm

domus Dialogue by domus international
"The Dimension of Design"

In its 90 years domus has consistently encouraged people to be curious about the new and open-minded about the different. The lines between single professional disciplines have now become blurred, thanks to mass media pressure and the emerging technologies. Conscious of the need for designers to adopt a more global perspective to modern challenges, domus China has invited three well-known Chinese architects who will share their thoughts on design and their own interdisciplinary approach in three different areas: residential, hotel and commercial spaces.

Thursday, November 22nd
4:00pm – 5:00pm