Elle Decoration China’s Exhibition

Elle Decoration China’s Exhibition

The cultural offering is rounded off by Elle Decoration China’s Ronghe (that means “integration”) exhibition, curated by Leon Sun, Chief Content Officer of the magazine and Xi Pang, the famous interior designer and great scholar of traditional culture.

In 2015, the magazine celebrated the “Oriental Geniuses” – the great designers who laid the foundations for Chinese design; in 2016 it broadened its outlook by examining the status quo and influence of Oriental design in an increasingly globalised world; now it is taking things still further with a reflection on tradition and modernity, the new luxury and on the profound significance of the East in the matter of design. Its Ronghe installation will also showcase the latest trends in this field.

Leon Sun
Mr. Leon Sun is the Chief Content Officer of the international authorized home and design lifestyle media ELLE DECORATION CHINA. He is the senior journalist with over a decade of experience in the interior design industry. He presents the latest global design and trends into the Chinese market and actively promotes the development of domestic interior industry.

Xi Pang
Xi Pang is a famous interior designer and traditional cultural scholar, the founder of Xishe Cultural Institute. He created the “Xishe” living space in 2013, a work intended to restore the ancient people's pace of life and the joy of life, presenting tea art, floral art and some handicrafts. In the same year, he launched the tea brand called Xiyanwas.

In 2014, he received the title of China Top 100 Young Designers

In 2015, Xishe Space won the 18th Interior Design Awards Cultural Exhibition Engineering - Gold Award
In 2016, his work was selected for the British Andrew Martin Interior Design Award
In 2016, he won the China Interior Design Excellence Award for China's Interior Design Twenty Years
In 2016, (ZhuquanLianglu) won the Best Design Award of Tea ware
In 2017 (Tongli Boutique House Hotel), was awarded the China Crystal Kylin Award, Interior Design Aesthetic Award - Gold Award