SaloneSatellite Shanghai Award 2019

SaloneSatellite Shanghai Award 2019

SaloneSatellite, the launchpad for young creatives, is back in China as part of the 4th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai presenting awards to four young designers from different parts of the country.

The selection committee was made up of the following professionals: Rodolfo Dordoni, architect; Kanae Hasegawa, journalist; Cinzia Malvini, journalist; Pasquale Natuzzi JR, Chief Creative Officer & Stylist, Natuzzi; Giulia Molteni, Head of Marketing and Communication, Molteni&C ǀ Dada; Patricia Urquiola, architect; Leirah Wang, CEO, Xuberance 3D Design; Hongtao Zhou, Director, Tongji University; Cora Feng, journalist; Patrizia Malfatti, Head of Communication and Press Office, Salone del Mobile.Milano; Marva Griffin Wilshire, Founder and Curator, SaloneSatellite.

The Winners

First Prize

SHIJIE CHEN (Beijing, China)

"Based on material experiment and exploration, I carried out a structural design for its extensiveness and plasticity in accordance with the principle of corrugated force, allowing thin bonded leather to bear weight in stereoscopic space. Its dismountable feature allows it to be stored by curling up so as to reach convenience and portability."

Second Prize

HONGCHAN XU (Shanghai, China)

Trade is a lamp designed based on a steelyard, which is not only a measuring instrument, but also an auspicious thing. The steelyard symbolizes “contentment”. People regard the balance as a symbol of fairness and integrity, which is used as a metaphor for personal morality and becomes a carrier of moral education. Steelyard is now out of the stage of history, but its function of coordinating feng shui and decoration may make the steelyard culture continue.

Third Price

XIAOYU DONG (Beijing, China)

Fan is an electrically charged inductive touch lamp. It has a close relationship with bamboo culture/Buddhist culture. At the same time, Fan homophonic “flip”, bamboo lampshade can be flipped according to personal preferences, has a certain degree of flexibility, but also two pairs of combinations, showing different effects. When it opens at night, a round lamp bead illuminates the wall, and then the whole lamp bead illuminates the bamboo braided lampshade, which is rich in details and elegant in appearance.

Special Mention

MANYUE WANG (Xi’an, China)

"In my works, I design tableware and its eating style through sensory experience of different senses such as sight, smell, hearing, touch and aftertaste, to stimulate people’s impression to pass between senses for re-interpreting food, and increase people’s expectation and satisfaction of food in vegetarian diets while satisfying their health demands for a unique vegetarian experience."